Cosmetic Dentistry

    Los Altos Cosmetic Dentist

    Cosmetic dentistry has gained a lot of popularity in the past decade. This is because having a bright and blemish-free smile would naturally boost a person's confidence. Saumya Ram, DDS is an expert when it comes to cosmetic dentistry. His years of expertise and state of the art facility ensure that you get the best cosmetic dental treatment, which would be quick, painless and affordable.

    What Can Cosmetic Dentistry Do?

    • Whiten discolored teeth
    • Change the alignment of misaligned teeth (malocclusion)
    • Correct bad bite
    • Replace missing teeth
    • Change the shape and size of teeth
    • Repair cracked, chipped and fractured teeth
    • Repair worn-out restorations
    Los Altos Cosmetic Dentist

    What Are the Various Cosmetic Dental Procedures That We Offer?

    • Dental whitening: Dental whitening is the process of removing the stains from the surface of teeth using whitening gel. We use a specific type of whitening treatment called Opalescence, which is a combination of hydrogen peroxide and potassium nitrate. It is a bleaching gel that works effectively by removing stains from the teeth very quickly. The advantages of using opalescence are that it is completely safe and improves the health of the teeth, i.e., the enamel.
    • Composite filling: Fillings are used to repair teeth which are either decayed, chipped or fractured. Composite fillings can be made to match the exact color and translucency of the tooth, thereby making them blend well. They are very effective in treating chipped teeth, cracked teeth, and decayed teeth, as well as closing large gaps between teeth.
    • Dental implants: Implants are used as replacement teeth when a person loses one or more teeth due to various reasons such as decay, external trauma, etc. They have added advantages such as making the jawbone stronger, preventing the movement of the remaining teeth, preventing further tooth loss, etc. They are long-lasting and are regarded as the best solution to missing teeth.
    • Dental bonding: Bonding is the process of using composite resin to bring aesthetic changes to the teeth. They can be used in restoring chipped teeth, closing the gap between teeth, fixing short teeth by increasing their length, and restoring decayed teeth. A number of layers of resinous material are applied to the teeth, which would harden under the action of calibrated light of a specific wavelength.
    • Composite veneers: They are used to fix cracks and chips in teeth and also to cover bad discoloration of teeth. They are very thin and are bonded to the surface of a tooth with the help of an adhesive.
    • Inlays and Onlays: Inlays and onlays are custom-made tooth fillings. Though gold and silver structures are used sometimes, ceramic structures are the most widely used. They resemble the exact shade of one's tooth and help fill a cavity perfectly.
    • Porcelain crowns and bridges: Crowns are cap-like structures that help repair a discolored or a cracked tooth. Bridges, on the other hand, replace a lost tooth or teeth and are often held in place by crowns.


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