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    Sleep apnea is a sleeping disorder where the person is woken up from sleep due to the inability to breathe. This is caused due to the collapse of the roof of the throat, which blocks the respiratory tract.

    SomnoDent is a device which is used to increase the upper airway volume. It also reduces the collapsibility of the tissues in the throat. It is custom-made for each patient and utilizes a unique fin coupling component. It is comfortable to wear and doesn't cause any complications.

    Los Altos Cosmetic Dentist

    What Are the Health Benefits of SomnoDent?

    • It effectively reduces the risk of sleep apnea in individuals.
    • It has been clinically proven to lower a patient's blood pressure.
    • It can reduce the risk of a stroke in a patient.

    What's more beneficial is the fact that the reduction in blood pressure was more apparent during the early morning. In most cases, acute myocardial infarction (heart attack) usually happens during this time. Hence, it also reduces the risk of a heart attack as well.

    Los Altos Cosmetic Dentist

    Has SomnoDent Been Clinically Proven?

    Of course! There have been 14 independent studies conducted on the SomnoDent over a span of 12 years. All these studies have given great results regarding the efficacy of the device.

    Statistically speaking, a compliance level of 88%, a treatment efficacy of 91%, and a patient acceptance of 96% have been observed. Such high numbers suggest that the SomnoDent is a proven solution to reduce the effect of sleep apnea.

    A randomized multi-center trial with 108 patients was conducted in 2011. The trial concluded that both CPAP and SomnoDent have similar health benefits when it comes to moderate-to-severe Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA).

    The SomnoDent Flex

    This device is made of a unique material called the SMH BFlex. It has a soft inner liner, which makes wearing the device very comfortable. It also maintains good retention and prevents the device from getting displaced. Maintaining retention is essential as the device would prevent the collapsing of the roof of the throat.

    The SomnoDent Flex offers a perfect fit, even if the teeth are too short or too long, or if there are crowns and bridges installed, etc. The procedure required to install the device is less time-consuming. The adjustments wouldn't require much chair time. Feedback from our previous patients shows that 96% of patients who experience Obstructive Sleep Apnea would want to continue using SomnoDent.


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