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    Maintaining good oral hygiene is as important as maintaining one's personal hygiene. In addition to it, regular dental checkups are essential to diagnose any chances of infection or any potential problems. To maintain balanced oral hygiene, at least two professional cleanings by our dentist per year and regular self-cleaning are necessary. They would also help retain whiter teeth. Here are some of the oral hygiene habits that you can follow to keep your teeth and mouth healthy:


    Dentists always advise their patients to brush twice a day. Brushing regularly helps get rid of most of the bacteria and the food particles that are stuck between the teeth.

    Compared to manual brushing, using electric toothbrushes are found to be more effective as they produce vibratory and rotary motions, which get rid of the plaque and bacteria with ease. In contrast, more effort is required in manual brushing to obtain similar results.

    The toothbrush has to be replaced by a new one every three months, as the bristles tend to wear out and lose their functionality over time. People with sensitive teeth and gums should choose a toothbrush with soft bristles to avoid damage to the gums.

    Los Altos Cosmetic Dentist


    Dental flossing is the use of thin nylon filaments or polyethylene ribbons to clean areas between teeth. It helps remove plaque and food particles that are stuck in between the teeth. They are available in various flavors as well. Care should be taken not to floss too vigorously to avoid bleeding in the gums.


    Oral rinsing is the use of a mouth rinse to clean the mouth of all the bacteria. A measured amount of oral rinse is taken in the mouth and used to gurgle. Mouth rinses are said to eliminate most of the bacteria in the mouth. However, they have little or no effect against plaque.

    Cosmetic rinses are available over the counter, which are mild rinses. Therapeutic rinses are the ones prescribed by dentists and are much more effective against bacteria, producing better results.

    Oral Irrigators

    Oral irrigators are water jets used to clean the debris and bacteria from under the gums. Tiny jets continuously spray water into the gum pockets, which remove accumulated food particles and bacteria. They have been proven to reduce the risk of gum disease.

    Cleaning of the tongue

    Tongue cleaners are used to remove bacteria and fungi from the surface of the tongue. The accumulation or buildup of bacteria and fungi on the tongue causes bad breath and other health problems. Using a tongue cleaner helps improve your overall oral health and reduces bad breath.


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